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Dunnage Bags- Reliable Transport Packaging Materials

Transportation is an important part of any business. After the production process, the final product has to reach the distributors and retailers in proper condition. In certain cases an outside agency is hired to transport the materials while certain companies have in-house transportation facility to minimise cost. In both the circumstances, there are basic steps to be followed in packaging and loading. Irrespective of whether the goods are transported by road, rail or sea, containers or craters should be in such a way that they do not collide with each other or there is no space for contents to move when the vehicle is moving.

A dunnage bag is a packing accessory used to stabilize shipments that are transported by road, rail, sea or by air. It prevents the shipment from colliding with each other and therefore prevents breakage. A properly secured shipment also adds to transportation safety. Irregular movement of cargo in trucks or containers can result in imbalance to the vehicle being used for transportation which can lose control. These are used as a safety product rather than being used it more information as a packaging material. The cost of dunnage bags are comparatively less than the cost of wood, and the cost of the labour involved in using the same is less.

How it works?
Dunnage bags are waterproof material with an elastic film. The function of the bag is to serve as a cushion between loads of shipment and stop the movement of packages within a vehicle or a container. It compresses itself within the space between shipment to prevent friction and further movement. The bags are made of an inner layer of plastic with multiple layers of paper in the outside. This prevents air pressure from escaping out of the airbags and gives optimum strength to resist the weight from heavy loads. The bags have the capacity to compress and decompress whenever the cargo moves and thereby retains stable transportation. The amount of air in the bag and the quality of air can differ according to the nature of the packaged material and the anticipated impact it can cause during transportation. The reusable bags are inflated using an air gun and it can be deflated when it is not in use.

There are different types of packaging and loading accessories. However, dunnage bags are the most efficient, cost effective and environment friendly product. The air compressed in the bag prevents corrosion of packaged materials. The bags can resist the load from moving towards one side of a vehicle and therefore helps in maintaining the balance of the vehicle on the road, air or water. These air cushions are usually made using thick paper on the outside with an internal lining of elastic or plastic which helps in the expansion or contraction of the bag whenever pressure is applied on it by the movement of cargo. The use of wooden dunnage in transport was initially replaced with rubber bags. Since plastic and polyethylene bags are cost effective, rubber bags are not much in use these days.

Breakage of material is a common problem during transportation. Though thermocol sheets are layered inside a cardboard box, a heavy impact caused during transportation can cause damage to materials. A dunnage bag keeps check on the movement of packaged material. A good dunnage bag is one which has the right amount of compressed air with the correct size to suit the space. The light weight nature of the bags is helpful in slipping it into the narrowest of space and then filling it with the appropriate tool through its highly secure valve.

Dunnage bags have become very popular due to its environment friendly factors such as reuse and recycling. Some of the common names of these bags are air cushions or air bags. The difficulties that arise while using wood as a dunnage can be overcome with aircushions because it does not get infested by pest and the bags can be transported back to the sender for reuse or with the shipment that returns in a container or a vehicle. The number of reuse depends on the number of times the bag was used and the nature of the material in the shipment. It is best to do an air check before reusing a bag. These are also good for securing corners of a container. A specially designed corner bag is available for the purpose.

It may be concluded that the loss incurred blitz brigade hack tool by companies due to breakage during transportation read more can be brought down to a zero error level if materials such as dunnage bags are used. Products can be delivered intact, without worrying over road accidents and damage to the transporter.

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