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The Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is been proven to induce strong effects upon the brain since the first modern studies began in the 1970’s. Recently the focus has shifted to see whether floating actually induces physiological changes within the brain to improve mental performance, and most results show that this is indeed the case.
Floating and Vasodilation
Floatation increases circulation within the body, along with boosting oxygen delivery in cells, these two effects directly aid the brains ability to enter a level of higher mental performance. Sessions in a floatation tank promotes vasodilation, improving the flow of blood to the entire body along with the brain. This is also known to induce a healing effect on both the mind and body.
Improved oxygen delivery and circulation provides an array of highly beneficial health improvements, such as reducing hypertension, which further assists in reducing the chances of heart failure or angina attacks.
In terms of mental functioning, floating produces an effect on the brain similar superior to effects created by taking common supplements used to assist in a healthy mind.
A floatation session can be considered superior to a mixture of popular brain enhancing supplements at once. With the high price of these supplements, floatation becomes the cheaper and more superior option.
Some of the most common brain enhancing supplements are:

* Coenzyme Q10
* Ginkgo biloba
* Lipoic acid
* CreatineThese supplements are vasodilators, which assist simcity buildit cheat to increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the brain. Floatation sessions provide superior comparative effects and can be achieved in a natural non invasive manner, without the need to take pills and have the liver process supplements, it also means there is no chance for side effects.
Stress has significant effects on mental health, as well as physical benefits to the body
Stress has an often overlooked strong physiological effect – the release and increase in the blood of corticosteroids (stress hormones). Cortisol hormones are associated with declines in cognitive ability, often a common effect of ageing. Stress increases the speed of degradation in cognitive functioning.
Below are some of the negative effects associated with a high level of stress hormones circulating within the body, and links to studies completed where by floatation has been proven to assist in all these conditions:

* Neuropsychiatric: Sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.
* Cardiovascular: Fluid retention, hypertension and kidney dysfunction.
* Metabolic: A decrease in the utilisation and body fat conversion into fuel, the conversion of freely available shadow fight 2 cheats hack amino acids into glucose.
* Endocrine: Insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypogonadism.
* Skeletal: Pain king of thieves cheat and inflamation associated with osteoporosis.
* Immune: Decreases in the ability for the body to fight infection.Floatation unfortunately is not an absolute cure all for these conditions, however regular floating sessions are a proven method of significantly reducing stress signals, which are often an issue with the above health conditions.
The Theta Brainwave State
The main attraction towards partaking in float tank sessions is inducing a change in brainwave patterns, with the final pattern known as the theta brainwave state. This is a much lower frequency of the brains functionality, experienced in daily life only from a high level of meditation ability or just before you fall asleep at night, just before waking and when in a deep sleep, where it appears in stages before each REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep stage.
The theta state is known to elicit various effects on the mind not normally experienced in everyday life, such as extremely vivid imagery in both closed eye and open eye situations, extremely clear and highly creative thought processes, sudden insights and problem solving, more originality and inspiration, along with a wide range of stress shedding and stress protective effects on the mind.

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Subrogation Services – Auto Claims – How To Maximize Recovery

If you are a claims adjuster or manager or are employed in any capacity in the insurance claims industry, then you are familiar with the concept of subrogation, and your company probably has a subrogation department, or at least a subrogation specialist. The procedures used in subrogation are pretty standard across the board. Essentially, claims which are paid out due to the partial or full negligence of a third party are referred to the subrogation department where concentrated subrogation efforts are initiated.

The companies that realize the best recovery rates utilize a combination of methods to realize as many recovery dollars as possible. Depending on the quantity of claims coming into a claims department, the best recovery procedure can change dramatically. In general, here are the techniques my experience has shown me to be most effective. I will break down the processes by categorizing claim departments by quantity of new claims per month (keep in mind we are talking about automobile claims only).

0 – 500 new claims per month (small companies)

For small companies, employing one highly trained, subrogation specialist is the way to go. An experienced specialist can identify, manage and collect on all potential recovery claims if the amount of new claims coming in per month is less than 500. The specialist should be auditing every claim for potential recovery. Additionally, the specialist should not wait until the claim has been paid to begin auditing and directing recovery efforts. The recovery specialist should have the power to direct front line adjusters on the investigative needs of the recovery department prior to actually taking over the handling of the subrogation/recovery aspect of the claim.

Working as a team is paramount when it comes to maximizing subrogation / contribution recoveries. By getting involved in subrogation early on in the claims process, an experienced recovery professional can anticipate obstacles to recovery and eliminate them before they occur. Using an active “eye” on recovery is one major part of recovery that many insurance claims departments neglect. The difference in recovery can be huge.

500 – 2000 new claims per month (medium companies)

For companies in this bracket, it is beneficial to utilize a specialist and an assistant to the specialist. It is profitable to have the senior specialist train an assistant to handle all of the administrative tasks associated with managing a book of recovery business. In addition, companies in this bracket may find it useful to employ the services of a good subrogation attorney.

Locating and hiring a good subrogation attorney can be challenging as it is hard to find an attorney that will not neglect a company that doesn’t send a large quantity of assignments. There are a lot of considerations to be made when selecting a subrogation attorney, in fact, there are so many, I cannot include them in this article, but a great specialist should be able to screen an attorney properly, and there are some great articles floating around which were written by lawyers that give great advice on the general factors to consider when searching for a subrogation attorney. Additionally, companies in this bracket will benefit from using a specialty recovery company that focuses on recovery from uninsured motorists. This type of recovery is the most difficult and time consuming for an “in-house” specialist. Additionally, to efficiently work this type of recovery business, skiptracing prowess is mandatory. Managing claim information with an eye towards skiptracing is normally not possible with an insurance company’s claim management system, but a good specialty vendor will have a different way of maintaining claims data which is tailored towards the location of and contact with tortfeasors.

If the recovery potential is identified, the easy money is collected, and the management of the data is handled “in house”, then it is worth it to screen a vendor for the “hard dollar” recovery pixel gun 3d cheats hack tool efforts. The vendor should be able to report their activity in a live manner that coordinates with the insurance company’s needs, and they should be able to demonstrate their effectiveness in quickly resolving uninsured motorist recoveries. The vendor should never spend more than 90 days making recovery attempts in “collection” mode. Within 90 days, the vendor should be able to refer the recovery claims back to the insurance company and suggest legal action if it seems prudent. Then, the in-house specialist or team can assign the file to an attorney for immediate litigation or if they are really sharp (and incorporated), they can usually litigate the file themselves in small claims court, if the total damages fall within the proper jurisdictional limits.

Time is of the essence here! A major advantage to subrogation recovery is that if the at fault party has a driver license, then over 90% of the time, the validity of the license can be put in jeopardy as a way to coerce settlement. Many people will just avoid paying a damage claim until there is a real consequence such as a driver license suspension. It is a myth that most uninsured motorists don’t have money. I have recovered money from doctors, lawyers, teachers, and many other professionals that were uninsured and involved in an accident, for whatever roblox cheats online reason. Taking swift action after making the proper collection efforts is paramount in maximizing recovery.

2000 new claims and above (larger companies)

For companies in this bracket, the same philosophy as used for the medium sized company should apply. The difference is that the number of in-house specialists should most likely increase and be divided into teams. Any company that receives 2000 or more new claims per month is surely handling claims in more than one jurisdiction, and therefore since the laws are slightly different, and the claims tendencies are different in the different jurisdictions, the approach should be to have sufficient talent employed to properly manage and negotiate recovery in all jurisdictions.

The utilization of vendors for “hard dollar” recoveries should also reflect specialization in jurisdiction. Vendors that tout nationwide recovery services simply do not have the “talent” to properly recover “hard dollar” claims. The “talent” is paid a nice salary at an insurance company and doesn’t work for a small salary and commission, which in and of itself lends to the wrong philosophy when it comes to recovery. “Hard dollar” recovery is not profitable when working on commission, period. Most vendors work on a contingency basis, and the profit goes to the owner of the vending company, not the specialists that are trying to find that “easy” money so as to make a living on the “not so lucrative” commission structures that are available.

Don’t get me wrong, many large companies fail to utilize proper “in house” share this website methods, and when they utilize “nationwide” vendors, the specialists that are lucky enough to work for these vendors will have a great opportunity at making a nice living by catching the large quantities of missed “easy” money left behind by the lacking methods of some of the larger companies. For companies that want the very maximum in recovery dollars, nationwide vendors will not be very helpful in recovery “hard dollar” claims, which is all that should be left over from the “in house” efforts.

Other tactics

In addition to using specialized vendors and attorneys, it is also very profitable to utilize recovery procedures to audit recovery demands from other carriers. Auditing demands can reduce subrogation related liability payments by as much as 18%. Even more profitable is to find a “hard dollar” recovery vendor that can serve a dual purpose and audit demands as well as perform the “hard dollar” recovery services. These types of vendors are few and far between. The blending of the two services has not been a traditional type of company because of the expertise and licensing required to audit claims.

Vendors that have this capability can provide actual recovery services at a reduced contingency and can also perform subrogation audits at reduced rates because of the blending of the services which have different profitability timelines. Subrogation audits are billed on a per claim basis and provide a vendor with immediate income whereas subrogation recovery on a contingency is not immediately realized.

Doing both allows a vendor to properly work “hard dollar” recovery assignments while still maintaining some immediate income on new demand assignments. The dual vendor is not forced to pursue quantity assignments of recovery claims like the traditional subrogation vendor, and they normally have only a couple of clients that they work for exclusively so as to maintain the profitability factors and provide the highest returns. Insurance companies who luck into finding one of these vendors will find that they get the most bang for their buck. The relationship is profitable for both the vendor and the insurance carrier.

Justin Petty / Licensed All Lines Adjuster and Public Adjuster

My personal cell phone and e-mail are listed on my website, and I will personally answer my phone to address your questions or concerns. I work for the “little man”, be it a small business, speciality recovery niche, or an individual. If you think honesty and integrity are a thing of the past, research me. I am truly a horse of a different color, so visit my website and give me a call or drop me a line. I trust you will be surprised when I personally answer the phone. I am the founder and CEO of Petty Details, LLC, and I have the power to bend my own rules and prices for the benefit of justice. Plead your case!

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How Unrelieved Stress Hurts Your Productivity: Decreased Productivity

In previous blogs, we’ve briefly mentioned how unrelieved stress hurts your body and your emotions. My purpose in writing these is not to go into great detail but just to make you aware of the many ways that stress does negatively affect us. Some topics we will revisit in much greater detail.
For the next couple of blogs, I want to show how unrelieved stress can hurt your productivity. Productivity basically means how much you are able to get done in a day.
Not all stress is bad and in many cases, some stress can get us to do more. For click more details example, I always find that I get more done if I have a deadline or time that the project needs to be done. If there is no deadline, there is no stress and no real incentive to do the work. That is why I will often give myself deadlines to complete a book or project.
However, when you get overstressed or have a lot of stress for a long time, your body’s energy is being used up just trying to combat all of the toxic stress hormones in your system. Stress can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Your ability to concentrate and focus decreases.
In that situation, it is very common to find that the amount of work that gets done is less. To make matters worse, the work that is done is usually of poorer quality too.
There was a time in my life when I was so stressed that my mind shut down. I had five small subway surfers hack tool free download children, all born within six years. One was seriously handicapped. My husband didn’t have a job so we had no money to live on. csr racing 2 hack cheats tool I thought I was functioning well but obviously I was not.
I remember sitting at the kitchen table one day and suddenly I blanked out. I have no idea how long it was for. I think only a few minutes. When I became aware again, I didn’t know what time it was, what day it was, what month it was or even what year it was. It was one of the most frightening moments of my life. I had to phone a friend and ask them.
That is an extreme example and thankfully, it was very short. I never experienced that again. But how many of us will go through the day and looking back, realized that we have accomplished nothing? When we try to account for our time we really can’t. This could very well be a symptom of having unrelieved stress.

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